Interesting Chinese Recipe Ingredients

Chinese food is well loved all over the world for its exotic delicacies. The ingredients used in cooking Chinese recipes vary differently from ingredients used in other cuisines. Here are a few popular ingredients that are commonly used to create mouthwatering Chinese dishes:
· Rice
Rice is a staple part of the everyday diet in China. It is a part of the meal every day and is made in several different ways. The Yangzhou fried rice is a favorite among the locals and tourists alike.
· Noodles
The Chinese cuisine uses noodles in several different ways starting from soup to the main course. The Chinese noodles are usually made from rice flour, wheat flour or mung bean starch. Sometimes noodles are served as a stir-fry along with meat or vegetables.
· Tofu
With the growing interest in leading a healthier lifestyle, tofu has found many takers all over the world. It is rich in protein and is often used in vegetarian dishes and even stir fried dishes.
· Peking Duck
Chinese dishes often include all kinds of fish and meat. Among these, the Peking duck is considered a delicacy and is often prepared on special occasions. It is either boiled or stewed or stir fried or baked or even pickled.
· Eggs
Eggs might seem pretty laid back compared to the other ingredients used in cooking Chinese recipes. However, the Chinese cuisine makes use of eggs from all kinds of poultry like chicken, geese, ducks, pigeons and even quails. These eggs are either steamed or boiled or fried or pickled to get the most flavors.
· Chinese Eggplants
The Chinese eggplants are longer in shape with a bright purple skin. They are a key ingredient in many stir fried recipes. The braised eggplant is a favorite among the locals.
· Chinese Mushrooms
The Chinese cuisine makes use of mushrooms either fresh or dried while cooking a hot pot or making soup. It is often used in hot soups to give more energy and stamina to invalids.