Seafood Delicacies From China

Seafood is very popular in China given its close proximity to the sea and the presence of rivers and ponds all over the country. Many restaurants even offer the option of choosing the fish that you would like served by picking one from the fish tank. This fish is then weighed and prepared according to a recipe of your choice to enjoy with your family.
Eating seafood needs a bit of skill as bones are often not removed. You will need to take your time and eat it slowly to avoid choking on an unruly bone piece. Removing them from your mouth and placing them on the side plate is considered the right etiquette according to the local culture. Most people who enjoy eating seafood also relish the fish head, where most of the nutrients and taste stay hidden.
Recipes that include seafood often make use of chilli, salt and ginger to give the fish that extra flavour. Interestingly, seafood is not restricted to only fish in China. The Chinese are very adventurous when it comes to seafood and enjoy eating practically anything that comes from the sea like turtles, cuttlefish, shrimps, shark, squid, abalone, shellfish, etc. Each of these delicacies is prepared using traditional recipes to capture the true essence of its flavour. However, you need to be cautious of eating seafood at restaurants that are located far from the sea, as seafood goes bad very fast and may cause food poisoning which may even turn out to be fatal in some cases.
Some of the famous Chinese seafood delicacies that are popular throughout the world are:
· Salt And Pepper Shrimp
· Steamed Turtle
· Minced Garlic Steamed Abalone
· Chengdu Soaked Capsicum Young Cuttlefish
· Fried Clams
· Dry-Fried Shredded Squid With Peppers
· Yantai Scorpion Rolling Embroidered Ball
· Oil Braised King Prawns

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